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New Invention: Feedback Frames

on Tue, 05/10/2016 - 02:58

Idea rating sheets are a great tool for finding group agreements, but they are not perfect.  Results can be skewed by the bandwagon effect.  Participants see previously recorded opinion dots before they fill-in their own, which can influence their thinking and bias the outcomes. In short, the first people to dot a sheet may set a trend in all the opinions to follow. 

Feedback Frames are the solution! They are the perfect large group decision making tool.


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New Results Spreadsheet Template

on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 03:54

After you have finished an idea rating session, you should scan in all the completed sheets in to a PDF for sharing and reference.  

What you may find even more useful, but takes a bit of work, is to type all the results in to a spreadsheet. By inputing all the statements, comments and dots per column in to data table, your idea rating results become much easier to read, search and sort.  This includes the capability of doing a simple calculation that outputs an agreement score for quickly comparing and sorting out which ideas had the strongest agreement.

Download the free idea rating results data template (Excel file) 

(...available in the Library of Resources, with lots of other great free templates!)

Photo Contest Winners

on Sat, 04/04/2015 - 21:15

We are excited to celebrate winners in every catagory of the photo contest.

Best Group Photo

Linda Hill, Professor at Humber College (Toronto, Canada) has been teaching the use of idea rating sheets at the School of Social and Community Services for over seven years. This is a photo of her 2008 class with the original Handbook. Linda says "students really enjoy doing idea rating and see the value of using this tool in community work".


Cutest Selfie

Codru Vrabie has been using and customizing idea rating sheets for years in his training and facilitating work in Romania, Moldova and beyond. He may not be a baby kitten, but he's cute enough to be this month's selfie winner. Codru posted his photos on our facebook page. 


Most Interesting

Neda Mahdavi shared this example of factory workers in Iran using idea rating sheets in Persian. They are agreeing on solutions to reduce musculuskeletal disorders in manual handling of really heavy bobbins.  The final decision was to change the layout of equipement to minimize the need to move them manually.  Looks like a smart agreement.

Thank you and congratulations to all three winners, who will be receiving their gift cards shortly.


Send us your photos for the next photo contest - learn more here.

Although idea rating sheets have some features in common with dot voting (also known as “multi-voting”,  “sticker dot voting”,  or “dot-mocracy”)  there are very important differences that make rating sheets a better choice for reliably helping large groups to find agreement among many proposals.  Below is a slide show that explains why. Also see the dot voting vs. idea rating sheets feature comparison chart.

New Name, New (Beta) Web Site, Same Old Awesome Sheet

on Mon, 09/08/2014 - 03:54

I’m excited to announce that as of September 2014 I have formally renamed my "Dotmocracy Sheets"  as “idea rating sheets”.  I’m making this change so that the paper based idea rating technique will no longer be confused with sticker dot voting (what's the difference?).  As part of this change I have created this new web site with renamed versions of the simple instructions, the facilitator's handbook, and of course, the idea rating sheets themselves.

This web site is currently very bare bones and I plan to upgrade it with more resources, more features to connect the user community, and some improved graphic design in the near future. I'll keep the old site alive for archived content.

I hope you find these tools helpful in your large group meetings. Let me know how you use them. Send me your photos and stories and I'll do my best to share them with other idea rating sheet users.  

Thanks for visiting!

- Jason Diceman