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Dot Voting vs. Idea Rating Sheets - Feature Comparison

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dot voting

  • Participants are each given a set number of dot stickers.

  • They place dot stickers next to statements they like.

  • Statements with the most dots “win".

idea rating sheets

  • Participants write their own statements, one idea per sheet.

  • They use pens to fill-in one dot per sheet to rate their level
    of agreement.

  • Results show the degree of support or conflict on every idea.



dot voting

idea rating sheets

Helps groups recognize their collective preferences

Easy and fun to use, for children and adults

Provides equal opportunity participation

Can work with large numbers of participants

Can be used in or outside of meetings

Results are visual and easy to interpret

Participants can add new options once voting/rating has started


Unlimited number of ideas can be presented at the same time


Recognize levels of consensus, disagreement or conflict


Built-in spaces for commenting on ideas


Immune to vote-splitting, so similar ideas are not penalized


Results are validated by signatures; deters cheaters adding extra dots



Get the idea rating sheetsHow-to Instructions and Handbook


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