How to use idea rating sheets in a meeting

1. Print blank idea rating sheets

Print enough copies for all meeting participants, plus a lot extra.

2. Discuss a question

Ask all participants an open-ended question. Invite them to discuss in small groups for a limited period of time.

3. Everyone writes ideas,
one idea per sheet

In groups or individually, participants clearly write down different ideas, one idea per a sheet, as many ideas as they please.

Sheets are then set out on tables or posted on the wall.

4. Everyone fills dots to record opinions, with optional comments

Participants read and consider the ideas and fill in one dot per sheet to record their opinion of each idea on a scale of “strong agreement”, “agreement”, “neutral”, “disagreement”, “strong disagreement” or “confusion”. Participants sign each sheet they dot and may choose to add brief comments.


5. Look for agreement in the results

Invite participants to browse the completed sheets.  Everyone can see levels of agreement and disagreement.

It’s up to your group to decide what to do with these results.