Who Uses Idea Rating Sheets?

Idea rating sheets are used by meeting
facilitators in over 33 different countries,
in more than 15 different languages*.

*User statistics, map and insights are based on surveys of users in 2012 and 2015.
View 2015 survey summary (PDF)

They are used by

  • community groups
  • non-profits
  • schools
  • government
  • private business

…and other types of institutions and associations.

They are most commonly used for internal organization decision-making and strategy meetings, or for public consultation by government.

The average idea rating workshop has over 25 participants.  Facilitators have reported using the sheets with groups over 300 in size!


Here are some examples…

Navy, Army and Air Force in Australia

Navy, Army and Air Force defence leaders in a workshop facilitated by Stephen Mugford, Australia.


Students in the USA

Park Forest Elementary School, Student Made School Constitution Project, Pennsylvania, USA


Engineers in Korea

A workshop by Pyo Park (박준표), Agile Coach in South Korea


Community in Venezuela

Community meeting in Venezuela


State Government in Australia

Government supported 100 person Citizens’ Jury on Obesity in Victoria, Australia – Facilitated by Nicole Hunter of MosaicLab


Factory in Iran

Factory workers trying to agree on solutions to reduce musculuskeletal disorder in Iran (thanks Neda Mahdavi)


City Government in Canada

City of Toronto cycle track public consultation.


Conference in Quebec

En Mode Solutions professional facilitators in Quebec, Canada use idea rating regularly, such as in this 100 person, bi-lingual multi-day workshop, (see sheets used at 0:45 and 1:05 in this video). Courtesy Jean-Sébastien Bouchard